The only thing ….

melania-The only thing that could have made this photo more profound for me is if it was taken on Mothers Day. It was not, it was taken May 23,2017. Our President Trumps first Foreign trip, in Italy.

While I was absolutely mesmerized by the drama of Saudi Arabia’s reception, the true warmth and love of Israel’s reception, this is my favorite photo from the spectacular trip. My own mother passed away last June and I was so lost. I eventually turned back to Jesus but how could I forget to turn to Mother Mary?  This picture moved me deeply.

Our own beautiful First Lady, the Mother Mary and my Mom. We see what we need to see in things and what we are guided to see by the Holy Spirit if we allow it.

So, thank you FLOTUS, for revealing to the world your spiritual beauty and thanks be to God, for still loving me enough to keep sending the Holy Spirit to gently nudge me on the path you chose for me.


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